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VSAT and POP Ether

VSAT-Satellite Connection

VSAT is a satellite-based service to deliver a cost-effective broadband connectivity for a large number of terrestrial network areas, especially areas where any other connectivity options are not possible to implement. The service is ideal for today’s mass and vertical markets such as residential, business, and government users alike.

The demand for broadband access is constantly growing in everyday life; in schools, public administrations, as well as in every government sector thinkable. For businesses and enterprises, RADNET offers a dependable satellite broadband-enabled networks, uninterrupted backup for today’s vital online business applications, and seamless enterprise-class broadband connectivity.

RADNET’s star network applications include Internet Access, Private Corporate Networks, Virtual Private Networks, Voice Over IP, e-Government, e-Education, Point of Sale, and Content Distribution using C-Band or Ku-Ban.

RADNET’s latest VSAT project is a Mobile-Internet Service Center in Subdistrict Level (MPLIK KEMKOMINFO RI), a provision of four-wheeled VSAT vehicles to accommodate Universal Service Obligation (USO) program implemented by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia.

POP Ether

Customer only have to interconnect directly to Radnet NOC in the building which is become Radnet’s POP ( Point Of Presence ).

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