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Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)

Radnet Broadband Wireless Access is our cutting edge internet service for residential and small office-home office (SOHO). We offer you the easiest way to connect to the Internet with unlimited data traffic and affordable price without additional wireless equipment charge. Radnet Broadband Wireless available in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

Why Broadband Wireless Access

  • Easy and fast set up
  • Excellent allocation bandwidth speed to give comfortable service and access
  • International Bandwidth redundancy arrangements
  • Fast, easy and barrier free Global Internet access with a variety of local loops
  • Exceptional, reliable and proactive customer care
  • Skilled and experienced system engineers and consultant ensuring utmost satisfaction in complying with the customer needs
  • Flexible and expandable service features
  • Highly reliable digital technology, ensuring high network reliability
  • Extensive private and public peering arrangements, i.e. IIX1, IIX2, IX-NAP
  • Consistent quality of service and optimized routing, with support of Border Gateway Protocol version 4 (BGP-4) Dynamic Routing
  • Best value connection for online games, audio and video streaming and or video conference
  • Available in various packages for Personal, SOHO and Offices.
  • Excellent services for its consumer either in low traffic or even in high traffic bandwidth
  • Embedded free features in every package. Please contact our sales to get detail of free features.


Packages Monthly Charge Registration Speed Available @
GO Wireless Rp. 250.000 Rp. 300.000 UT 512 Kbps Jakarta
LITE Wireless Rp. 550.000 Rp. 300.000 UT 1 Mbps Jakarta
MAX Wireless Rp. 850.000 Rp. 300.000 UT 2 Mbps Jakarta
Smart Home Zone call call call Bandung
Easy Office call call call Surabaya


  • All price subject to 10% VAT.
  • Radnet provide CPE ( customer Premises Equipment ); wireless equipment, cables and antenna pole.
  • Installation permits and not limited to tower and radio room, should be provided by customer.
  • Service availability is based on signal/site survey.
  • Email account : your_email@rad.net.id

Term and Conditions

This is a general term and condition. The detail of term and condition may different in each zone ( Jakarta, Bandung & Surabaya). 

  • 12 months minimum contract period.
  • The subscription period is as stated in the agreement  and will be effective commencing the date which stipulated in the User Acceptance.
  • If the Customer terminate before end of Contract (12 months)  , which is caused by any reason , customer should pay all monthly fee for the rest of contract period.
  • If the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is lost, stolen or any damaged then customer agrees to replace.
  • RADNET provides free 10 meters standard cable. Extended cable will be charge Rp 5000/meter
  • RADNET provides free monopole antenna with standard mounting grips.
  • RADNET is not responsible to any disruptions on customer’s PC caused by virus/worm/trojan or effect of using P2P application
  • RADNET is not responsible to any disruptions on CPE caused by electric shock, thunder or any changing of CPE position.
  • User acceptance test using http://speedtest.rad.net.id/
  • CPE will be guarantee for 3 months, any damaged on CPE after the end of guarantee time that need technical visiting (technical solving) will be charged Rp.100.000 / Visit.
  • Term and condition

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our marketing staff

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